Lõngajääkidest toidukott

Heelgeldasin kiirelt lõngajäägist lapsele mängimiseks toidukoti.

Alles mitu tundi hiljem tulin selle peale, et oleks võinud ju mõlemad sangad musta lõngaga teha. Aga üles võtta kah ei viitsinud ja otsustasin, et las siis jääb. Lapsele igatahes meeldib!

I crocheted a grocery bag for my toddler. Only after finishing I realised that I could have done both the handles in black. But I was so determined to finish this multicoloured yarn scrap that it did not even cross my mind. But the most important thing is that my toddler loves it!


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2 thoughts on “Lõngajääkidest toidukott

  1. Hi !
    I don’t understand everything but it is very very cute 😉

    • Hi, thank you.
      It is a grocery bag that I made from yarn scraps for my 2 year old. Took me two nights and she is happy with it.
      I only realised a couple of hours later that I could have made both the handles black. But I was determined to use all the scraps of this the coloured yarn.

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